Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Pics, But Not The Photo Challenge Kind...

Hi, slacker here.

Taking pics, not posting them.  That's the name of this game.  Still participating in Scrambled Eggs' March Photo Challenge.  Still taking those pics. Still not posting them.  Motivation is NOT my strongsuit, peeps.

Here are some pics, though.  They are my maternity proofs by an amazing photographer who will be taking the twins' newborn pics and some family pics as well when the babes are six months old or so.  The gallery will be up until Monday night (3/19) at midnight (CST), so if you are reading this post after that time and cannot access the pics, that is why.

Anyway, without further blah, blah, blahing...

Go to Beth Jansen Photography.

click "enter site"

click "proofing"

enter "jackson"  (all lower case)

Honest to blog, my photo challenge pics are coming soon. :)


  1. Your pictures turned out so beautiful, wow!

    1. Thank you, Toni! For the record, I had no clue I would be stripping down. :)

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I especially like the ones where you are holding on to the bamboo and the wooden fence and looking at the camera. You will treasure those pictures.

  3. Gorgeous. What a beautiful keepsake. I wish I'd done maternity pics. It really is a special time.

  4. Lovely lovely photos, I love the ones from above where you are looking up at the camera over your shoulder.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you don't have to pick certain ones! I would need to have them ALL! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I agree, they'd be hard to choose from! What gorgeous pics to treasure.

  7. Your pics are fantastic!!!!!! I found you via another infertility blog. I was surprised to find that you live near me. I live in Norman. I'm
    Expecting Femara twins! :-) these are #3 and #4 for us. I'm due in September. Anyways, I was wondering if you have found any mom of multiples groups around here? I'd sure like to make some friends of multiple moms! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I pray it's smooth and those boys bake to term!