Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cheaters Never Win, Eh?

So, that's how the saying goes, but I disagree.

I went in for another ultrasound today.

Baby A, who we'll call "Larry" measured 6w3d and had a heart rate of 124 beats per minute.

Baby B, or "Balki" measured 6w2d and also had a heart rate of 124 beats per minute.

EDD is June 17.

So, I cheated to see my babies. Again.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Cheated

In a moment of fear and weakness, I called my doctor's office yesterday and begged for an early ultrasound.  Turned out, given my previous IVF pregnancy and what a disaster it was, I didn't have to beg at all.  I was warned that I wouldn't see a heartbeat (which I knew), but that he would take a look, take a count and tell me if everything is as it should be at this stage in the game.

See them little eyes looking at you?? Kind of looks like an owl, doesn't it?  I'm having twins and they are looking great!! Next ultrasound on the 31st!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Facebook Pregnancy Announcement

You know, they don't bother me anymore.  I guess being pregnant makes them more bearable.  But this one got under my skin.

You see, she is four weeks pregnant.

That's right.

I said four.

I will be five tomorrow and have no plans of even breathing a word of it until twelve or thirteen weeks. Probably even later than that if it's twins.  Even then I will be waiting for something bad to happen. For the other shoe to drop.

Are people for real?

I wish I could be so effing ignorant.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2nd Beta Results

Monday at 14DPO - 156
Wednesday at 16DPO - 350

Doubling time - 41.17 hours

First ultrasound scheduled for 10/31!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

PUPO With........

So, there was debate about how many embryos we would transfer yesterday.  I was told by the embryologist that if we had two good-looking blasts, it would be a hard sell to get Dr. Awesome RE to transfer more than two. If everything looked "average" he would probably be agreeable to it and transfer three to "up" our chances of a successful cycle.

We arrived at the fertility clinic and I was nervous that no transfer would be taking place. You know, the fear that sets in over hearing, "So sorry...there were no viable embryos this morning when we looked at them."  DH kept saying, "Relax! This is the easy part." In the grand scheme of things, he is right, although none of this shit is easy, let's just be honest.  Transfer is easier than retrieval and beats the hell out of an intramuscular progesterone shot, so I opted out of arguing the matter of IVF being difficult in general with the man.

We were escorted immediately back into a holding area  and were told that Dr. Awesome RE was going to be in shortly to discuss the transfer and quality of the embryos and whatnot. Almost on cue, there he was.  We were told that we had two good looking embryos to transfer.  He spoke briefly about his recommendation of transferring only two.  He assured us that quality was not an issue with our embabies. He then stated that he would be agreeable to three, but wanted us to know what we would possibly be getting ourselves into.  He proceeded to talk about prematurity in multiples, possible time in the NICU, developmental delay, etc.  Did he think that it would for sure happen if we transferred three? No.  Was it his responsibility to warn us? Yes.  He then left us alone with the embryologist to discuss any questions we had as we made our decision.

Me:  Are the two ready for transfer blasts?
Deidra:  Yes.
Me:  How do they look?  Be honest.
Deidra:  They look really good.
Me:  If we did three, is the third one a blast?
Deidra:  You have a third blast, but I'm not liking it as much as a cavitating morula you have. It looks really good and would probably be the third.  (Note: A morula is the stage before blastocyst. A "cavitating" morula is a half step closer to blastocyst.)
Me: Is it looking like we will have any left over to freeze if we only do two?
Deidra:  At this point, I would say, don't count on it. (Note: The grading system at our fertility clinic is VERY strict. Especially when being graded for freezing.)

She then left us alone and DH and I had a private conversation that I won't divulge on my blog.  I undressed from the waist down and covered back up on the bed. When Dr. Awesome RE came in to wheel me into the transfer room, he asked if we reached a decision. I said nothing, but held up my fingers: